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Loveland Fails to Set Green Standard for Planned City Hall

Mike Meldon Jr. M.Ed Loveland resident and Social Studies Teacher, Oak Hills High School

Loveland, Ohio has a special relationship with Mother Nature.  The city is built around nature physically, economically, and socially.  In return, Loveland citizens have always shown their respect back to the environment through its Beautification Committee, the Farmer’s Market, the Little Miami Conservancy, and the numerous residents that take it upon themselves to give back through recycling, reducing, and reusing.  

Nature and Green space are central to Loveland’s identity as a city.  Loveland’s natural assets are its claim to fame that include the East Loveland Nature Reserve, the numerous parks and trails, the Little Miami River, and of course the Loveland Bike Trail.  All of these resources bring citizens to our Historic Downtown from all over the tri-state and beyond.  

Unfortunately, the trend over the last few years by our local government has been to disrespect this relationship through loss of green space, traffic concerns, population density, and construction.  The environment and its well-being has played little to no role in Loveland’s recent plans, and that needs to change.  

The most pressing issue currently is the proposed new City Hall building.  The group in charge of the initial planning of the new building, the CIC, has discussed all aspects of the project without mention of the building being energy efficient or environmentally responsible (you can view all of the meetings on Loveland Magazine online).  In a city such as ours, these green building techniques and guidelines should be priorities.  

We need to come together as citizens and demand that sustainable building should be the goal.  That means that from ‘planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition- the entire lifecycle of the building’- should be ‘resource responsible and energy efficient.’

The new Loveland City Hall building should stand as an example to all new builds in the city on how to build ecologically and demonstrate our city’s respect for Mother Nature, who has given us so much.

Mike Meldon
Concerned Loveland Resident

P.S.  If you have been following this new project, you know that there are many issues besides this that residents are concerned with right now.  The lack of transparency, CIC membership concerns, and the possibility of the new building being four stories are just a few.  All of these issues need to be focused on equally and we need to create a building that residents and the city can be proud of.  That means we do it with both resident input and respect for the environment.

LCHPAC Note: Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2017 Green Building List, seen here:

Greenest Tri-State Buildings, 2017

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