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Loveland Community Heartbeat
Political Action Committee

What is a PAC? Political action committees (PACs) were created by Congress in 1976 as a legal and transparent means for corporations, trade unions, and associations to band together for a common purpose to make federal, state, and local contributions to political candidates and charities.
What is Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC? Loveland Community Heartbeat Political Action Committee (LCHPAC) is a voluntary, nonpartisan political action committee that is not affiliated with any political party or particular candidate and is supported through contributions from LCHPAC stakeholders. LCHPAC seeks to support candidates for local / municipal office who have views that are consistent with our PAC’s mission statement.

LCHPAC’s goal is for our stakeholders to represent a broad cross section of Loveland small business owners, community initiative organizers, and residents.

Why is Loveland Community Heartbeat important? During an era of real estate speculation, public-private partnerships, and corporate ownership within our historic district, LCHPAC is an important tool for ensuring that small businesses and grassroots community initiatives have adequate representation on Loveland City Council and municipal office.

Although individuals may contribute directly to candidates for local office, LCHPAC is dedicated to finding quality candidates and providing them with the support needed to run a competitive campaign for local office. Contributions to LCHPAC go directly towards supporting candidates  who align with our small-town mission statement.

Through LCHPAC, we can speak with one voice, ensuring elected officials hear our position on policy and ordinance creation that ultimately affects Loveland residents, its businesses, and its grassroots initiatives. A strong PAC allows us to play a larger role in helping to shape the future for our hometown.

Who manages Loveland Community Heartbeat? LCHPAC is managed by an executive board composed of a cross section of Loveland residents. The board meets as needed to discuss legislative issues, fundraising, and candidate selection and support. Day-to-day operations of LCHPAC are managed by the treasurer and secretary.
How are candidates for office selected for support? Candidate selection complies with LCHPAC voters’ agreed strategy given the number of available seats open in a given election year. Candidates are vetted by LCHPAC stakeholders. A decision to back a particular candidate is made by vote at an announced stakeholder meeting, with the intent to select candidate(s) by one month prior to due date of declaration of candidacy to the Hamilton County Board of Elections.
I’m a candidate. How do I apply for LCHPAC support? LCHPAC looks for candidates who are dedicated to our community-centered mission. Any stakeholder may nominate a candidate for LCHPAC support. You may reach out to a stakeholder to inquire about nomination or send an inquiry to Please, include a brief essay responding to our mission statement and how you would support it as a city or municipal office holder.
Who is eligible for membership? Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident over the age of seven may become stakeholders in LCHPAC. Only Loveland residents may be elected to serve on the executive board.
How do I become a stakeholder in Loveland Community Heartbeat? Become a stakeholder by making a $5 contribution to LCHPAC and being accepted. All stakeholders have a voice in LCHPAC policy and annual mission. An annual contribution of $100 is required to become a voting stakeholder. Voting stakeholders directly affect decisions regarding particular candidates the PAC will support for local / municipal office or any decision regarding charity support.

Contributions may be made via electronic or credit card transfer via Paypal to Cash (maximum $100 hard currency) or check may be given directly to the treasurer.

How much can I contribute?
Is there a suggested amount?
To be a voting member, a $100 annual contribution is required. In-kind donations of equal value will also be accepted to meet stakeholder dues requirements. Of course, you are free to contribute as little as you want, or not at all.
(Federal law limits the maximum amount that any one individual can contribute to any PAC. This limit is currently set at $5,000 annually.)
Is my contribution tax deductible? No. By federal law, your contribution to LCHPAC is not considered a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.
Is my contribution private? No. LCHPAC must report all contributor details to the Hamilton County Board of Elections. More, all contributions of $200 or more to our and other PACs are a matter of public record and may be reported online by third party organizations.
How do I discontinue or cancel my membership? Contributions are non-refundable; however, to cancel your membership as a stakeholder, simply contact with your request to cancel. Please, include a brief explanation so that we may improve our customer service to our members and to the community that we serve.
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