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Golladay Warns Residents: Don’t Vote for Candidates Who Prevented Quorum


by Walter Golladay

Walter Golladay is a a resident of the Claiborne neighborhood in Loveland since 1989. He and his spouse, Peggy are proud to have raised a daughter who is a 1990 Loveland High School graduate, and their two grandsons are now members of the Loveland High School student body.

Mr. Golladay made the following statement to Loveland City Council following a scheduled public hearing that failed when no quorum was met. In summary, he warns, don’t vote for candidates who don’t show up for us. Loveland Community Heartbeat is proud to have Mr. Golladay as a voting stakeholder.

Golladay’s Address to Council, October 10th, 2017:

On 26 September, Loveland City Council was scheduled to meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month. Because a quorum of four council members did not happen, the meeting did not officially take place. For unknown reasons, Vice Mayor Angie Settell, and Council members Pam Gross, and Stephen Zamagias were absent without just cause from their appointed duty station. That being, City Hall, Loveland, Ohio, 7 pm.  Right here! These three council members chose to conduct personal business elsewhere, not for the benefit of Loveland residents, but for another business, another individual, or themselves.


This Loveland resident has the firm belief that these three council members chose not to appear in order to prevent a council quorum being established with the City Council members present of Kathy Bailey, Robert Weisgerber and Ted Phelps. For this one meeting, council members Kathy, Robert, and Ted would have represented the majority.


These three absent council members, Settell, Gross, and Zamagias, must be held accountable. In sufficient detail, they must explain to the Loveland residents where they were that evening, and why they could not attend a long established, regularly scheduled, council meeting date. They must also explain why none of them were available to attend alternate council meeting dates proposed of Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, the 25th, 27th, or 28th of September.


Why do I ask?  Because if they get away with this travesty, one or more of these three council members will do it again, when it benefits them and their clique, not we, the Loveland residents. These three council members chose to offend we Loveland residents by disappearing for the week and preventing scheduled City of Loveland business from being conducted.


Tomorrow, 2017 General Election absentee voting begins in the State of Ohio. Election day is November 7th.

Tonight, should any, or all, of these three council members not be able to offer a valid reason for their aforementioned absence, then we Loveland residents need to seriously consider not voting for them.

Thank you.

Where is the explanation for this group failure?

To date, Angie Settell, Pam Gross, and Steve Zamagias have provided no satisfactory answer to Loveland residents about their group absence from the September 26th meeting, which prevented a quorum from being met and stopped a meeting scheduled by the law of the Loveland Charter for 56 years.

Loveland Community Heartbeat endorses Neal Oury, Tim Butler, Ted Phelps, and Rob Weisgerber for Loveland City Council. Learn more about them here: .

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