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Council Member Gross’s Waste of Police Resources & Our Time

by Halie S. Rebeccaschild

What is the role of a Loveland police officer? Images of positive relationships between our officers and our residents come to mind. The LPD protects and they serve us. And in these roles, the LPD makes admirable efforts to curb local drug addiction and to promptly deescalate negative situations. Loveland is incredibly proud of our police, and rightly so. They do good works and have much work to do. Let’s not waste their time.

It seems common sense, not to waste police resources; yet, since March of this year, Pam Gross has asked our police to use quite a bit of their resources to support her claim that she is somehow under threat by residents. Let’s look at that claim. We can see the beginning of this in this video, “Lurking in a Truck.”

Lurking in a Truck

On April 11, 2017, Pam Gross called out resident Neal Oury at a City Council meeting about a man in a truck “lurking” near her after a previous meeting. She makes clear that she was with the city solicitor at the time, and it was later noted that an employee had just finished dinner.

You have to watch it to believe it. This accusation set up her theme for the year, a gross waste of police resources and our time.

“Next time, [they should] just identify themselves.” Pam Gross, Loveland City Council Meeting, April 11, 2017.

Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC, 4/11/17.

Since that meeting, Council Member Gross has appropriated a significant amount of resources from the police. In fact, she initiated “directed patrols” to drive by the Gross family home in the evening. All documents are available here for download and scrutiny or by public records request from the Loveland Police Department. Of course, if Pam Gross truly needs this kind of police coverage, we want to sympathize with her. No one wants Gross to live in fear, but this wasteful use of police resources is not the answer.

“Directed Patrols” by her home with instructions to knock

Count the total Directed Patrols to her address

Was that 38 times? Let’s hope they all did not include a Directed Knock order.

A Letter from Gross to her HOA explaining the heightened police presence in the neighborhood.
A Letter to her HOA explaining the heightened police presence in the neighborhood.
The Facebook Post that shut down a City Council Meeting = 28 Directed Patrols from 6/23/17 – 6/30/17.





The Facebook Post that warranted 28 Directed Patrols from 6/23/17 – 6/30/17.

“I am closing this case as unfounded.” Chief Dennis Sean Rahe, 6/23/2017.

Chief Rahe closed the case as “unfounded;” yet, the Facebook post was used as an excuse to literally shut down City Council on 6/27/17. The comments of Mark Fitzgerald channeling Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Abraham Lincoln were meant to be stirring, but they fell flat, as Mark Fitzgerald led Angie Settell, Pam Gross, and Steve Zamagias right out the door. An entire agenda and a room full of people were left sitting because of a Facebook post and Pam Gross’s appeal to public sympathy. Was this a Gross waste of our time and money?

Watch the former mayor shut down the meeting for Pam Gross here, which appears to be nothing more than a theatrical stunt and ploy to distract residents from serious matters at hand.

David Miller, Loveland Magazine via YouTube, 06/30/2017.

Where are all these dangerous residents that Pam Gross needs added protection from? If her one claim about a Facebook comment being a violent threat was deemed “unfounded,” then what is the justification?

Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC has sympathy for Ms. Gross, who clearly believes that residents are angry enough with her job performance on City Council to want to harm her. But that is no excuse for the misappropriation of the resources of Loveland’s finest or to shut down city business. We ask Pam Gross to cease and desist with this wasteful use of our police resources and our time.

Paid for by Loveland Community Heartbeat Political Action Committee.

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