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Become a Stakeholder

Loveland residents, want to support our mission?

We are a resident stakeholder organization seeking residents from all neighborhoods of Loveland and local townships to become stakeholders. Your contribution will support fresh candidates for City Council, chosen for their high standard of ethics and willingness to promote representative government in our hometown.


Become a Stakeholder at Any Level

Stakeholder ~ $5 or more
Voting Stakeholder ~ $100
Time and Energy contribution of any amount~ Please send an email to with your manpower offer!!!

Note, by subscribing, you will be set up for an annual payment of the chosen subscription amount. You must cancel this payment prior to the renewal date (one year from date), or you will automatically be charged for renewal at the end of your one-year subscription period. If you prefer to deliver a contribution by hand, please contact us.

By filling out the form making a contribution to Loveland Community Heartbeat Political Action Committee, you confirm that the following statements are true and accurate:

  • I am not a foreign national who lacks permanent residence in the United States.
  • This contribution is made from my own funds, and not those of another.
  • This contribution is made on a personal credit card, debit card, or bank account.
  • I am not contributing on behalf of an organization.

Contributions or gifts are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Paid for by Loveland Community Heartbeat Political Action Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Resident Status
Employer Name or Occupation
Phone Number (REQUIRED BY LAW)

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