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We did it, Loveland! Now What?

Halie Rebeccaschild, founder and former secretary of LCHPAC, and Chris Burke, Loveland resident.

by Halie Rebeccaschild

We did it!

On November 7th, 2017, Loveland stood up and spoke with a landslide election of Loveland Community Heartbeat’s endorsed candidates, Neal Oury, Tim Butler, Ted Phelps, and Rob Weisgerber. The voices of Loveland residents could not have been clearer, we disapprove of the lack of transparency and the unethical processes of the past majority on council, and we want an elected city council that restores civility, function, and ethical integrity to city hall.

Now What?

Loveland Community Heartbeat plans to stay actively engaged in our local government through the upcoming transition to ensure that incoming City Council members fulfill their pledges to the residents of Loveland to increase transparency, ethics, and engagement. We believe that civically engaged residents are necessary to a truly healthy and flourishing city, and we plan to model that philosophy by staying involved.

We invite residents to join us at upcoming city meetings and in any opportunities that open up for residents to have an input on the development of a comprehensive master plan, a charter review, a parks master plan, city committees, budget planning, re-zoning, etc. Your input can make a huge difference to the quality of life of residents and to ensure that residents across the city feel like they are a part of the big decisions made, especially those involving public-private partnerships, changes to our city hall, or the type and amount of residential units added each year.

Stay Alert & Civically Engaged

Loveland Community Heartbeat stakeholders who attended the 9/26 “no show meeting,” a city council meeting in 2017 where three members of the previous majority failed to show up. Shown here, Carolynn Ceccopieri, Dianne Bomar, Pat Mays (former council member), Phyllis York, and Sherry Hamlin. In back, Neal Oury, Walter Golladay, and Steve Smith. Far back, Tim O’Grady.

So while it may appear that our work is done, getting our endorsed candidates elected, please do not make the mistake of thinking you can turn your backs now. Instead, why not make a small commitment to your city to stay alert, informed, and engaged? Believe it or not, WE the residents make all the difference ensuring city hall functions with ethical integrity of, by, and for the people. And we hope to see you continue keeping one eye on our city to ensure we move forward as one of Ohio’s Best Hometowns.

To those of you residents who stood up this year with your voices, your signatures, and your votes, Loveland Community Heartbeat salutes you! And to the team of residents who worked tirelessly to promote our messages to the residents this year, resulting in a successful outcome of a recall petition drive and the election of four endorsed candidates, I bow down to you with the greatest respect as the true movers of mountains.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (attributed to) Margaret Mead

Thank you for standing up for our hometown, Loveland!

Halie Rebeccaschild is a traveling PADI SCUBA dive instructor, administrative professional, and community organizer who maintains residency at her childhood home in the Stoneybrook neighborhood of Loveland.

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